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Portable Float Map (PFM) support for ImageJ

Busy times, after a long pause I still have just something really small to put on the blog. The PFM support for ImageJ. Download and unpack to ImageJ’s plugins/Input-Output folder – you will see self-explanatory “PFM Reader” and “PFM Writer” entries in the Plugins/Input-Output menu upon (re)starting ImageJ. Enjoy. Download: […]

ScreenScroller – Control any Android device with just one hand

It was bound to happen. A geek left alone for Easter must’ve resulted in a new piece of software 😉

Dicomymizer – user-friendly DICOM anonymizer / hierarchy builder

Another fruit of my unholy union with Laboratoire de Recherche en Neuroimagerie. A forgotten one actually, as it is a piece of software I wrote about a year ago. The classical problem of creating hierarchy of DICOM files (e.g. PatientName/StudyDate/ProtocolName/SeriesNumber – my favorite 😉 ) and possibly anonymizing them on […]

File Origin Tracker (for SPM)

If you’re annoyed by having to memorize the meaning and origin of all those thousands of files that you generate every day with SPM, I’ve got something for you. A file origin tracker that will record the checksums of all the Nifti files created by SPM, along with their origins […]

Yet another Maybe monad for Java

A better one of course – based on cglib’s Enhancer functionality. I wanted to extract some optional elements from an XML file and (if present) assign their contents to fields of my class. In the beginning I started by using try-catch but it soon became unmanageable (and painful to look […]

Handling Java objects in MEX files

In case you are right now having the same doubts as author of this post, I might have some good news for you. The following snippet of code was supposed to be part of my upcoming Weka toolbox for SPM8. It copies content of a 2-D full real MATLAB array […]

Thin-Git Update: Commit bug fix

I’ve update JGit to version which should fix for some people the following problem when making commits: java.io.EOFException: Input did not match supplied length. 2042 bytes are missing. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: thin-git.zip

Java: Automatic configuration dialog for cli-parser annotated fields

In case you haven’t heard about cli-parser – it’s a command-line interface library for Java and a very handy one at that. Its main class parses command line parameters into fields of a given class specified just by annotations. It can also produce a neat usage description characteristic for CL […]

Barebone Home Update

I’ve improved Barebone Home a little. The most important change is “Connectivity” menu, which allows for quick switching of APN, WiFi and Bluetooth connetions on/off and also displays stats for /sys/class/net/rmnet0 (APN connection). Additionally – “Recent” filter has been added, which is even more handy than built-in recent activities switcher. […]

Bug Smasher – What happens when a coder's mind wanders off

Yeah, I won’t deny it – despite loads of work here at CHUV, I found some free time to code a stupid little game for Android ;D You know that as a coder I hate bugs, right? I looked for an existing title that featured some realistic bug smashing action […]