Month: March 2013


You wouldn’t believe me if I told you right away why I wrote easymount… or maybe you would if Gentoo was your preferred Linux distribution. Anyway, if you are tech-savvy enough you probably know that device management in Linux has gone a long road since devfs and hotplug. Through udev […]

File Origin Tracker (for SPM)

If you’re annoyed by having to memorize the meaning and origin of all those thousands of files that you generate every day with SPM, I’ve got something for you. A file origin tracker that will record the checksums of all the Nifti files created by SPM, along with their origins […]

Leap Motion SDK has arrived

I’ve been waiting long weeks but finally it happened. Today I received my free Leap Motion SDK device. I don’t have any videos yet but here I can show you a piece of code that I wrote for emulating mouse using Leap Motion. It’s ugly and stupid but I was […]

xdir.m – more powerful rdir.m

It offers the same syntax as rdir.m but differs in two major ways: 1) performs processing on pathnames from a list 2) supports relative paths in the wildcard expression To demonstrate what the above means in practical terms, assume that you have the following hierarchy: For some reason you already […]