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VocaBreak 17.3

VocaBreak 17.3

VocaBreak was a very useful French learning tool for myself in 2011. Back then when Google was less vigilant about protecting its Google Translate API VocaBreak could help people learn all Translate-supported languages back and forth. These days to make it run I had to trim it down to its […]

VocaBreak 2012.1

Ok, here goes first version of VocaBreak in 2012. It features a new Qt Goodie I intend to publish soon – the QSexyToolTip class. Looks like this: Pretty cool, huh? 😉 Enjoy: Vocabreak Setup!

VocaBreak – Setup Fix

I’ve added missing GIF and JPEG image format plugins to the Setup. DOWNLOAD: VocaBreak Setup

VocaBreak – Further GUI Improvements

Improved user interface ergonomy. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: VocaBreak Setup