Month: June 2011

Barebone Home for Android

Are you fed up with all those fancy launchers for Android? Or do you have an HTC G1 device that can’t handle them with reasonable performance? 😉 Either way, you’re lucky because I’ve recently created a Barebone Launcher/Home Screen implementation. It’s lightweight and practical – it let’s one filter applications […]

Bug Smasher – What happens when a coder's mind wanders off

Yeah, I won’t deny it – despite loads of work here at CHUV, I found some free time to code a stupid little game for Android ;D You know that as a coder I hate bugs, right? I looked for an existing title that featured some realistic bug smashing action […]

Long-lost Qt Goodies – QArrowCue

Have you ever wanted to indicate (in a more pronounced way than usual mouse cursor change) that a drag action is taking place? Now is your chance to do just that 🙂 Thanks to QArrowCue you can display a neat arrow for any QDrag object you have out there. I’ll […]

Long-lost Qt Goodies – QPieMenu

I bet every single coder out there has some long-forgotten pieces of code, which when rediscovered bring this “WTH. I wrote that?” kind of feeling. I happen to have a lot of such candies 😉 Today, it’s an eye-appealing one – a pie menu. Nothing too innovative, but quite useful […]

Bootstrapping in Lausanne

I’ve been planning to finish my PhD paper in Switzerland for a while, and now here I am in the beautiful city of Lausanne – giving it a go. From the perspective of a person who’s spent most of his life in Warsaw, Lausanne is a bit expensive, quite bureaucratic […]