Fluid Mesher (USD 49.99)

Multi-fluid mixing made easy with RealFlow and Blender (or Cinema4D/3D Studio/Maya/etc.).

People inquiring online about rendering visually realistic mixing of two or more different liquids usually hear answers referring to bridges from RealFlow to Cinema4D/3D Studio MAX/Maya and/or special materials provided by Next Limit. From now on, thanks to ADARED’s Fluid Mesher you can significantly simplify the pipeline involved in producing such scenes by taking multi-emitter Alembic results from RealFlow and generating liquid surface mesh with multiple vertex color maps corresponding to weights of respective constituent fluids. The final result is exported back to Alembic format ready for interfacing with any number of compatible 3D software suites (notably Blender) without resorting to any special bridges and/or materials. Example video can be found below. For software purchase please drop us a line. For all purchases till the end of 2017 there’s a special early adopter price of USD 29.99. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your life more productive.

Fluid Mesher Characteristics:

– AIAO (Alembic-In Alembic-Out) – by using Alembic – state-of-the-art 3D data exchange format as its input and output Fluid Mesher fits right into your workflow.
– Multi-core Processing – Fluid Mesher takes full advantage of modern multi-core CPUs allowing you to process hundreds of frames per second.
– Configurable Meshing Algorithm – you can adjust multiple meshing and liquid weighing properties to obtain the final result you’re after.

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