Bug Smasher – What happens when a coder's mind wanders off

Yeah, I won’t deny it – despite loads of work here at CHUV, I found some free time to code a stupid little game for Android ;D You know that as a coder I hate bugs, right? I looked for an existing title that featured some realistic bug smashing action but much to my surprise (and dismay, because I’m a lazy dude and don’t like to code games for myself 😉 ) I found nothing for my Android 1.6-based HTC G1. So… I grabbed some animated bug from Google Images and off I went 🙂 The triumphant result – BUG SMASHER Action Game ;D is here! Featuring:

– unlimited bug splatter
– three colors of blood (user-customizable)
– touchable user interface
– one action-packed level ;d
– realistic sound effect (singular form intended)

Here are some appetizer screenshots for you:

And here goes this precious little piece of bug smashing pleasure (RENAME *.zip TO *.apk):

Bug Smasher Action Game ;D

I will figure out how to push it to Android Market some day.

Update! You should try this version, it features a huge performance boost + bug size option, time display and kills counter (RENAME *.zip TO *.apk):

Bug Smasher Action Game Update

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