Month: July 2012

GraviBall Demo

A small Unity3D game I started creating recently. Features custom character controller and several interesting transparent materials. It will get more fascinating as I come up with new ideas to employ the non-orthodox game physics. Game created in Unity Indie. All geometry and textures were created in Blender.

Thin-Git Update: Commit bug fix

I’ve update JGit to version which should fix for some people the following problem when making commits: Input did not match supplied length. 2042 bytes are missing. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD:

Save SPM8 results with anatomical labels

Hi there! This little script saves cluster-level SPM results along with anatomical labels to spm_results_with_anat.txt file in the current directory. Results are appended to the file, so that you can run it repeatedly for different contrasts. It requires SPM8. Included are AAL atlas files: aal_MNI_V4.nii, aal_MNI_V4.txt and atlas to anatomical […]