Month: November 2010

Project Euler #312

Sometimes I wish I could share solutions to PE problems. They’re so great! I totally enjoyed every bit of this week’s puzzle. At first you don’t know where to start, it seems so complicated and then you just immense yourself in the pleasure of thinking and bit by bit everything […]

OpenMPI and Precomputed Values in Shared Memory

Think OpenMPI. Let’s say you have a 12-node cluster at your disposal. Every node has 16GB of RAM and two 4-core processors which in normal situations enables you to run 8 processes per node. What happens if you want to precompute a huge constant lookup table (e.g. 3GB in size) […]

Project Euler #311

Yay! It’s finally getting hard again! The thrill of many hours of computing and being uncertain whether the result will be correct to the last digit… I love it ;D Now I have to figure out the _correct_ (i.e. non semi-brute-force with smart-ass pruning and nifty little optimizations) method of […]

Project Euler #309

Oh… GOD! This time I was SO close, soooo close :/ Precision issues played tricks on me again. Long double just doesn’t seem to be good enough with PE problems most of the time. Anyway, crossed ladders problem is a classic (a very fascinating classic nonetheless) and you will figure […]

Django Version Control for the Poor ;)

Most of the time version control (VC) is more than welcome in IT solutions, providing ways to roll back unwanted changes, monitor work progress, analyze modification trends, etc. etc. For Django, reversion seems to be the de facto standard for versioning model instances. Unfortunately it is based on serialization (in […]