Thin-Git Update: Commit bug fix

I’ve update JGit to version which should fix for some people the following problem when making commits: Input did not match supplied length. 2042 bytes are missing.




  • ThingIt seems promising — if I can get it to work.

    A couple of questions. How do I set up a .ssh/config with a key? I copied the rsa key that Sparkelshare made, put it in a file and pointed to it from .ssh/config but with thin-git I get an Invalid PrivateKey error.

    And what’s the licensing for this thing? Is it going to be open source?

    • I’m planning to write my own license. Open-source yes. But non-free, i.e. no GPL, BSD, etc. Basically I want it to be free for use by anybody (in companies as well), but I don’t want any derived works and no re-distribution. Code modifications allowed to adjust it for personal needs. If they’re sent back to me I will consider incorporating them into the codebase so that everybody can benefit. And ideally I want to prevent just any sort of trick that would allow 3rd parties to incorporate it into some larger product (including training, counseling, etc.) that would allow them to make unfair profit on my baby ;d If they want to do so, I want my share ;d All in all I would call this license ‘free and open-source but imagine that you are the only person in the whole universe’, it’s for use by an individual I mean. People in companies are also individuals, believe it or not.

      Back on topic, you are talking about Windows or Linux? I don’t know what SparkleShare normally uses for SSH connections but if it uses plink then you need Putty-compatible private key, if it uses OpenSSH, you need OpenSSH-compatible key.

      • If you forbid derived works it really isn’t Open Source, is it?
        What’s wrong with using the GPL? That stops people from profiting from your code, surely? Me, personally I tend to use the Perl Licence for my code.

        If you really don’t want to use the GPL, I’d suggest you use one of the Creative Commons licences rather than trying to invent one of your own. It will make it simpler and reduce confusion.

        Anyway, thanks for writing thin-git, I’m looking forward to trying it out; it could be just what I need.

        • I’ve decided to release it using BSD-old license. Will try to do it on Monday.

          But about GPL – no, it doesn’t really prevent others from making easy profit, it wasn’t designed to do so. There’s plenty of companies doing commissioned works which include GPL software and sure they might adhere to the rules and give source code to their clients but the application is so specific that it is only used in the client’s domain and never sees daylight again. Profit made, everything clean.

          BSD-old isn’t perfect in that regard either but at least the advertising clause will give me some free advertising if someone decides to use my code ;d

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