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Sloth Keyboard

Sloth Keyboard

In case the new Gboard (Google Keyboard) has too many bells and whistles for your taste I might have something just right for you. The “Sloth Keyboard” (after the easter-egg sloth hiding under the Space key) is a lightweight alternative featuring a look almost identical to Gboard a few versions […]

Barebone Home v4

Added Favorites functionality. Download: (rename .zip to .apk)

Barebone Home Update

I’ve improved Barebone Home a little. The most important change is “Connectivity” menu, which allows for quick switching of APN, WiFi and Bluetooth connetions on/off and also displays stats for /sys/class/net/rmnet0 (APN connection). Additionally – “Recent” filter has been added, which is even more handy than built-in recent activities switcher. […]

Barebone Home for Android

Are you fed up with all those fancy launchers for Android? Or do you have an HTC G1 device that can’t handle them with reasonable performance? 😉 Either way, you’re lucky because I’ve recently created a Barebone Launcher/Home Screen implementation. It’s lightweight and practical – it let’s one filter applications […]