Finally, the time has come to release my first more or less complete computer game in quite some time. GraviBall started as a small experiment with custom gravity in Unity3D and quickly grew to be a space arcade with SMG-like feeling. At the moment, it has six levels so it will not take too much of your time and you will have the opportunity to appreciate the novelties and fine touches in all of them.


I created all of the models and textures myself using Blender. For the fractal flames which are used to represent far-away galaxies in the game I used Qosmic fractal flame editor. GIMP and Inkscape were most helpful when making small adjustments and designing the HUD.

I took most of the music from and 3 tracks from The music is licensed under Creative Commons or other free for non-commercial use licenses. You will find names of the tracks and artists in the attached CREDITS.txt file and in the Youtube video. I would like to express my gratitude to them for making their creations freely available.

The sound effects were downloaded from, also on free for non-commercial use license. I have edited some of them to better suit the game using Audacity.

Using the above-mentioned arsenal of completely free tools and media, I was able to create a game that is original and fun to play. I hope you will share my sentiment : ) Enjoy!


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  • Interesting stuff.
    Did I miss the posts on how you did the custom controllers and such? or did you never blog it?

    Much obliged

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