Blockchains provide secure record of financial transactions, medical information, identity management and data provenance using exclusively peer-to-peer networking. At ADARED we can adapt this recently invented technology to your needs in novel applications such as anti-counterfeit measures for your industry, cloud data storage, blockchain-based certificates, smart contracts, digital voting, notary services and many more. Give us a call to discuss your project.

Machine Learning

Gain insights into your data using linear models, neural networks, kernel methods, mixture models, sampling methods or any combination of the above. At ADARED we create tailor-made solutions to data mining problems. We’re adept at using Support Vector Machines (SVM), decision trees (C4.5/J48/customized), clustering algorithms (DBSCAN/OPTICS), permutation- and density-based methods, ensemble learning, boosting, incorporating domain knowledge and more. Give us a call to get a free quote.

Database Systems

Storing data in a database (DB) confers numerous advantages as compared to using dedicated data formats. These include possibility of remote access (eliminating the need for storing multiple copies and providing convenient means of sharing data with collaborators), filtering and aggregating data on the server side (thus reducing bandwidth requirements), sharing processing and analysis scripts among collaborators providing means and measures for reproducibility of results. Furthermore, DBs provide a single point of update, removing the need for redistributing data among partners each time a modification is made. At ADARED we specialise in creating tailor-made database systems to handle domain-specific resources either by ingestion or in-situ processing. Furthermore we can adapt existing DB solutions to ingest your data, we develop privacy measures including different forms of encryption and distributed computing and we build database systems using distributed technologies such as blockchain and distributed hash table (DHT). Give us a call to learn more.

Image Processing

Among others ADARED offers solutions in the following domains: target detection, object recognition, segmentation, deformable models, registration, diffeomorphic transformation, 3D reconstruction, feature extraction, 3D pattern recognition, tracing, tracking, face recognition, car plates and road signs recognition, filtering, gaze detection. We work with all spatial and temporal scales. From astronomy to microscopy, from static images to high-speed videos we are the experts you’re looking for. Contact us to check how we meet your requirements.

Augmented Reality

Regardless whether you want to display complex 3D scenery interacting with real world objects or just overlay basic 2D information on simple video feed we are here to address your needs. We can implement the mix of virtual reality and real world in any proportions and at any scale. We develop software for servers, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and embedded solutions. Contact us to explore exciting possibilities that await you.


ADARED develops cloud-backed web applications, computing and storage solutions. We can build software from scratch or adjust, wrap or rewrite existing codebase in order to delegate any/all of storage, computing, UI to the web/cloud. We use Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud or help put in place custom cloud infrastructure if you wish. On the frontend side we use responsive design, Angular and WebGL as our core building blocks. We have vast expertise in treating Big Data and efficient handling of such data within the browser. Contact us to learn more about our portfolio.