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Trixed V1 Released

Trixed V1 Released

Click here to buy Trixed for just 0.03 LTC!!! Trixed is a powerful grid-based vector graphics editor that currently works on trixel, hexel, Voronoi and circles grids with more to come. It supports solid colors and gradients, hierarchical layers, layer transformations, export to SVG and Blender and a full unlimited […]

VocaBreak 17.3

VocaBreak 17.3

VocaBreak was a very useful French learning tool for myself in 2011. Back then when Google was less vigilant about protecting its Google Translate API VocaBreak could help people learn all Translate-supported languages back and forth. These days to make it run I had to trim it down to its […]

Unity 3D: Automatic Event Connections a’la Qt

Unity 3D: Automatic Event Connections a’la Qt

You will find a new script in my UnityAssets repository at GitHub. It is called AutoConnector.cs and serves the same purpose as Qt’s auto-connection mechanism for signals and slots. You will find a usage example below. Hope it makes your life easier 🙂 This is probably the last entry on […]

QNarrowTreeView – a tree view that will never horizontally overflow a viewport

QNarrowTreeView is a BSD-licensed Qt widget using novel UI to represent tree models without growing horizontally while expanding items. SOURCE CODE:


You wouldn’t believe me if I told you right away why I wrote easymount… or maybe you would if Gentoo was your preferred Linux distribution. Anyway, if you are tech-savvy enough you probably know that device management in Linux has gone a long road since devfs and hotplug. Through udev […]

Nifti Review Tool

Nifti Review Tool can be used to prepare thumbnail previews of large numbers of Nifti files. It is aiming to provide some control over the quality of your preprocessing stages as well as prepare figures for the papers. Usage consists of generating a review, then loading it into the GUI, […]

Large Table Viewer

Every now and then you have to deal with tabular data files that are larger than average. I, for one, occasionally have to deal with CSV files as large as 500MB – 1GB each (e.g. 10000 rows, 30000 columns). If you already had the doubtful pleasure of using Excel to […]


Slightly off-topic with regard to recent posts, I’ve found an old piece of code which I figured could be published. It’s image slicing utility. Load an image, draw regions using LMB + drag, name and/or remove regions using double-click, export slices using menu or toolbar. A very straightforward tool, replacement […]

Flow Field Editor Still Alive

I’ve come up with some new ideas for what seemed a completed tool. This release of FFE (“Flow Field” Editor) has changed significantly, so I will describe it from scratch. Introduction What FFE now produces is in general an image. It can be created from: flow field points, color points, […]

QNodesEditor – Qt nodes/ports-based data processing flow editor

In case you ever wanted to use nodes-based editor in Qt, I think I’ve got just the right thing for you. I tried to make sure that no similar solution already existed. Now, briefly about the software I’ve stumbled upon and what is wrong with it in my opinion: 1) […]