Month: October 2010

Project Euler #308

You just gotta take a look at this one! It’s one of the absolutely coolest things I’ve seen recently 🙂 A virtual machine with internal state consisting of just one integer number! And its instruction codes are… fractions! Whoa. It’s Turing-complete and unlike Brainfuck and some other quirky esoteric languages […]

Project Euler 306 / Game Theory Books

I didn’t have enough time even to start dealing with it last weekend but today I solved PE #306 quite easily. In the process I have stumbled upon several books which look extremely interesting. I will be ordering them soon enough and will let you know if they live up […]

libspopc SO_SNDTIMEO/SO_RCVTIMEO Win32 patch

In case you’re already using or would like to use libspopc in your project and you’re making it for Win32, make sure that socket_prepare() code resembles the one below: I had to patch it adding the WIN32 #ifdef because of SO_SNDTIMEO/SO_RCVTIMEO socket options incompatibilities between M$ Sockets and Berkeley Sockets. […]

File-based merge sort

Time for the file-based merge sort code promised long ago. BSD licensed. Yes, I know it’s way too verbose, quite inefficient and probably pretty ugly but hey it’s just a general idea for you to improve and adjust to your specific needs. It’s intentionally this clear 😉 It can sort […]

I'm alive

I’m alive and well. In case you wondered what was stopping me from posting recently, the answer is PE #289, PE #294 and now the most recent PE #304. The last one was really easy (I had fallen asleep right before it was posted 😉 and got to it the […]