Month: June 2014

StanScript – improved JavaScript based on traceur-compiler

Following on my little half-joke Backtick, I actually wanted to improve some things pointed out to me as bad about it and create a bit more professional JS-derivative. This time it’s based on much more solid foundation – the traceur compiler. It’s pretty cleanly divided into parser and code generator […]

Introducing BackTick, a.k.a. StanScript ; ) a Clojure/Scala/Lisp/Python-inspired JavaScript superset

Why `backtick`? Because (almost) all of the syntax extensions were introduced using only one character. Yep, you got it – the backtick ; ) Supported features: – Python-like operator overloading (by defining __iadd__, __eq__, etc. methods in the object or prototype), e.g.: x.__iadd__ = function(y) { += y; }; […]