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Focker – Docker-like experience for FreeBSD

Focker – Docker-like experience for FreeBSD

Focker is a FreeBSD image orchestration tool in the vein of Docker. Focker leverages ZFS and Jails to natively provide powerful containerization primitives (images, volumes and containers) first introduced by the Docker platform without taking up the significantly more challenging task of achieving Docker compatibility. This has never been and […]

X-Mas 2015 – Bye bye Linux, welcome FreeBSD!

X-Mas 2015 – Bye bye Linux, welcome FreeBSD!

I guess the title pretty much reveals the story. Tired of the direction Linux distros are going (e.g. dependency hell, bloat, tons of interdependent packages for doing simplest of things, inconsistent architecture, ridiculous changes like systemd, plague of security holes, etc.) and lusting for some new experience I decided to […]

Głosujemy na KORWiN – Lista nr. 4

Jak w temacie. Dlaczego? Kilka powodów:   Wolność (volenti non fit injuria, rząd nie powinien mieć prawa zakazywać spożywania jakichkolwiek pokarmów i substancji, sztuczne zakazy tworzą wiele patologii, rynek narkotykowy, podobnie rzecz ma się z nakazem zakładania pasów oraz ograniczeniami prędkości – ZAMIAST OGRANICZAĆ WOLNOŚĆ – stosujmy ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚĆ […]

SEC2J – journalling for HDF5

I’ve been rather quiet lately but that’s only because I’m working on tons of interestng stuff : ) Here’s something cool for managing issues with corrupt HDF5 files (e.g. 1, 2). It’s still a work in progress and not fully tested but it’s basically an implementation of journalling for the […]

Introducing BackTick, a.k.a. StanScript ; ) a Clojure/Scala/Lisp/Python-inspired JavaScript superset

Why `backtick`? Because (almost) all of the syntax extensions were introduced using only one character. Yep, you got it – the backtick ; ) Supported features: – Python-like operator overloading (by defining __iadd__, __eq__, etc. methods in the object or prototype), e.g.: x.__iadd__ = function(y) { += y; }; […]

Massacre 3D Release 2012.12

Massacre 3D is the first 3D game I’ve created. It was over 11 years ago – I was 17 and I knew nothing about programming. Really! I didn’t even know what the heck .h files were for in C++ 😉 I was placing both functions and variables in them and […]

Thin-Git Goes Open-Source

Hello everybody, Finally I have decided to release Thin-Git on an open-source license – BSD-old. Just to remind you, -old means that there is the advertising clause saying: 3. All advertising materials mentioning features or use of this software must display the following acknowledgement: This product includes software developed by […]

Thin-Git Update: Commit bug fix

I’ve update JGit to version which should fix for some people the following problem when making commits: Input did not match supplied length. 2042 bytes are missing. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD:

New Theme: Bye bye iNove, welcome iFeature

I felt it was time for a change on my blog, so I did a little search for new theme yesterday. I found this lovely iFeature theme which you can see in action now. It features something called iFeature Slider – basically it’s a carousel type widget that displays images […]

ThinGit: SSH session reuse + significant GUI improvements

I’ve updated ThinGit to reuse existing SSH sessions instead of re-establishing them for every operation – it speeds up processing significantly and reduces CPU usage! I’ve also made GUI a LOT more user-friendly. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: ThinGit Update