Month: August 2012

Animated normal maps simulating geometry displacement

As promised – application example of Flow Editor‘s new functionality – an animation map. I created a high-poly model of an alien eyeball in Blender and texture-painted it. Then I baked the color map and normal map onto a regular low-poly sphere. After loading the generated color map into Flowed, […]

Flow Field Editor Still Alive

I’ve come up with some new ideas for what seemed a completed tool. This release of FFE (“Flow Field” Editor) has changed significantly, so I will describe it from scratch. Introduction What FFE now produces is in general an image. It can be created from: flow field points, color points, […]

mat_joy – MATLAB Interface for Joysticks

Admittedly, it already exists – but its awkward way of doing things (exposing functions using ActiveX server) was a bit of overkill for our needs. Hence, this stripped down, pure MEX version. Enjoy. Usage: [position, buttons] = mat_joy(joystick_id), where: joystick_id – joystick identifier (0-15), position – list of joystick […]