Month: September 2012

Animated Water Shader

Due to popular request, I’m posting the source code of my Unity3D Animated Water Shader. It is a complete rewrite of Alzahiel/GraphicRunner’s shader. Brief list of changes: – It’s a surface shader (not Vertex+Fragment) – Doesn’t require script file, all animation is done in the shader using built-in _Time variable […]

Thin-Git Goes Open-Source

Hello everybody, Finally I have decided to release Thin-Git on an open-source license – BSD-old. Just to remind you, -old means that there is the advertising clause saying: 3. All advertising materials mentioning features or use of this software must display the following acknowledgement: This product includes software developed by […]


Slightly off-topic with regard to recent posts, I’ve found an old piece of code which I figured could be published. It’s image slicing utility. Load an image, draw regions using LMB + drag, name and/or remove regions using double-click, export slices using menu or toolbar. A very straightforward tool, replacement […]