Dicomymizer – user-friendly DICOM anonymizer / hierarchy builder

Another fruit of my unholy union with Laboratoire de Recherche en Neuroimagerie. A forgotten one actually, as it is a piece of software I wrote about a year ago. The classical problem of creating hierarchy of DICOM files (e.g. PatientName/StudyDate/ProtocolName/SeriesNumber – my favorite 😉 ) and possibly anonymizing them on the fly has been solved in a good looking, efficient and user-friendly way. Here goes Dicomymizer. It originated as a command-line tool and still keeps that interface just in case you need to plug it into your batches (run “java -jar Dicomymizer.jar anonymizer” for help). If it’s a casual run though it has the same GUI wrapper as ThinGit, namely – standard output / error streams are intercepted by central JTextArea and you can set the command-line switches via Settings dialog. That’s it – simple as that. An excellent addition to the very first stages (data organization) of your preprocessing pipeline. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Dicomymizer.zip

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