Month: December 2010

New Year's Eve

I’ve written a small game for today’s occasion 🙂 I hope you enjoy it 😀 Oh, I’m not sure about the copyright status of some of the content. ACDC’s Back in Black is obviously copyrighted but since it’s a special occasion and a non-profit game, I hope I don’t go […]

New server & domain

I had to move my blog installation to a different server and domain. I’m sure you will notice a decrease in site loading speed, that’s due to server running on a really legacy hardware (300MHz Celeron ;D). I’m planning to replace it soon with something significantly more powerful. On the […]


LINQ was released as part of .NET Framework 3.5 back in 2007 – Some attempts were made to mimic its capabilities in C++, most notably the proof of concept code by Hong Jiang: I’ve written my own, more concise version with similar functionality, which you can see below. […]

Random thought – QObjectLocker

I figured it _could_ be useful to have my mutexes created automatically for me on a per object basis. QObjectLocker maintains a pool of mutexes assigned to specified addresses (object pointers) in memory. Otherwise it behaves similarly to QMutexLocker. This way I don’t have to extend or pair up existing […]