Month: January 2013

Brain Connectivity Viewer

There’s plenty of medical image format viewers and brain viewers in particular, however there seemed to be a niche for a small, efficient brain connectivity viewer having all the necessary features for comprehensive and appealing presentation of dynamic causal modelling results, resting-state connectivity or statistical longitudinal coupling (novel work by […]

Yet another Maybe monad for Java

A better one of course – based on cglib’s Enhancer functionality. I wanted to extract some optional elements from an XML file and (if present) assign their contents to fields of my class. In the beginning I started by using try-catch but it soon became unmanageable (and painful to look […]

Foamy Liquid Shader

A variation of my animated water shader supporting foam around obstacles. Unfortunately I can’t prepare a video, but the foam is fully dynamic, it appears around places with small flow and is subject to flow animation. Attached is the archive with the shader, all necessary textures and a demo scene […]