Month: July 2011


At first I couldn’t believe that such tool wasn’t readily available because I’ve seen dozens of posts on different forums asking how to do this, however… I guess nobody felt urged enough to actually write a command line app for this. Well, I did 😉 startwithmemlimit is a Win32 application, […]


Recent locations dialog is an improved version of standard open/save file dialog. It features lists of 100 most recently accessed folders and files for easier navigation among commonly used resources. Double-clicking on a folder item or selecting an item from the folders list and clicking Browse button below launches a […]

Barebone Home Update

I’ve improved Barebone Home a little. The most important change is “Connectivity” menu, which allows for quick switching of APN, WiFi and Bluetooth connetions on/off and also displays stats for /sys/class/net/rmnet0 (APN connection). Additionally – “Recent” filter has been added, which is even more handy than built-in recent activities switcher. […]