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ThinGit: SSH session reuse + significant GUI improvements

I’ve updated ThinGit to reuse existing SSH sessions instead of re-establishing them for every operation – it speeds up processing significantly and reduces CPU usage! I’ve also made GUI a LOT more user-friendly. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: ThinGit Update


OK, finally I’m ready to present my collaboration/content-sharing tool – ThinGit! ThinGit periodically synchronizes local Git repositories with their remote origins and features automatic conflict resolution by creating timestamped copies of conflicted files. As such, its primary use is as an alternative to DropBox and SparkleShare! As the name suggests, […]

DropBox, SparkleShare, … thin-git (Part 2)

As announced, I’ve installed DropBox and SparkleShare today on my Windows XP-based PC. DropBox works out-of-the-box 😉 and makes the impression of a mature and stable application. It works fast, reliably and features Web interface to overlook and manage the state of your remote repository. Its only shortcoming (except for […]

DropBox, SparkleShare, … thin-git

Recently I had a little discussion about DropBox, which was highly praised by my colleague for its simplicity, efficacy, security, etc. Of course I like the idea very much and believe that it works good, because otherwise it wouldn’t have so many users. However there’s one thing fundamentally wrong with […]

Another Flow Field Editor Update

Probably final this time 😉 I was trying to find a compromise between speed and quality and came up with an idea of triangle-based cubic interpolation. Fortunately it turned out that such beast already existed – It’s several times faster than Natural Neighbour and gives better results than Linear […]

Flow Field Editor Update

I’ve introduced some useful changes: 1) Fast preview/export using triangulated irregular network linear interpolation. This looks a bit worse than Natural Neighbor method but it’s a lot faster. 2) Thanks to using OpenMP for Natural Neighbor high quality export, it should be approximately N times faster (where N is the […]

Flow Shader Fix / Flow Editor

So first of all, I’ve fixed a little bug in the water flow shader which basically inverted one of the texture coordinates and made all of the flow animations look weird or just wrong. This is how the flow map from my last tutorial looks in action now: And it’s […]

Monkey Dodge – Attempt at my own Flow Map

So this is how I attempted to create my own flowmap: 1) Took a screenshot of the scene from above: 2) Using GIMP, performed edge detection using Sobel size 3 filter 3) Performed Dilation 3 times. 4) Performed Brightness/Contrast adjustment, setting Brightness to 126, contrast to 127 5) I loaded […]

Monkey Dodge – Adding bits of realism

I’m trying to add bits and pieces of modern rendering techniques which are supposed to make a game look more realistic. With moderate success so far… stuff used: Flow maps, Fur and Blur. Try to spot them in the picture 😉

Unity 3D Indie Realtime Water Reflection

Using the following two-pass shader I was able to get realtime water reflections in Indie/Free Edition of Unity 3D: The shader was based on some other shader demonstrating light computations in Unity3D. I added the second pass, made a mirror reflection of geometry against water and switched face culling to […]