Massacre 3D Release 2012.12

Massacre 3D is the first 3D game I’ve created. It was over 11 years ago – I was 17 and I knew nothing about programming. Really! I didn’t even know what the heck .h files were for in C++ 😉 I was placing both functions and variables in them and then including them all in one cpp file ;d That’s how Massacre 3D was created and that’s why I never released the source code 😉 Nevertheless I feel some sort of sentiment for Massacre 3D and from time to time I check if it still runs on modern operating systems / hardware. Recently I’ve had some trouble launching it so I decided to refresh the codebase a little bit. That’s Release 2012.12. Nothing changed except for:

1) moving from DirectDraw/WinAPI to GLUT for screen / GL context management
2) porting it to 64-bit Linux (you will need GLEW, DevIL, FMODEX and GLUT in your system to run it, libini is attached)
3) removing some settings from in-game menu – they are still available in massacre.ini file

Though I realize probably I will be the only one interested in playing this updated version of M3D, you are most welcome to give it a try:


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