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Here it goes (BSD Licensed)… You already know what it looks like: Tested on Windows / Linux X11 (with/without compositing). Enjoy!

VocaBreak 2012.1

Ok, here goes first version of VocaBreak in 2012. It features a new Qt Goodie I intend to publish soon – the QSexyToolTip class. Looks like this: Pretty cool, huh? 😉 Enjoy: Vocabreak Setup!

VocaBreak – Setup Fix

I’ve added missing GIF and JPEG image format plugins to the Setup. DOWNLOAD: VocaBreak Setup

VocaBreak – Further GUI Improvements

Improved user interface ergonomy. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: VocaBreak Setup

Images in VocaBreak

I’ve added an option to display images retrieved from Google Images side-by-side with the current word. Now it looks like this: Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: VocaBreak Setup

VocaBreak Update

– Language swapping option – Configurable number of trials and giving up timeout – Prettier GUI DOWNLOAD: VocaBreak Setup

Another VocaBreak Update

Added “Give Up” button (activated after three wrong answers and 10sec wait) and fixed languages list in Settings dialog to be consistent with rest of the interface (the list was in French, while all the rest is in English). DOWNLOAD: VocaBreak Setup

VocaBreak Update

VocaBreak can now work with any pair of languages, and also features a proper installer. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: VocaBreak Setup

VocaBreak Update

Google locked their dictionary service soon after publishing my VocaBreak application lol 😉 I’ve update it to work with Google Translate instead. DOWNLOAD: Updated VocaBreak


I’ve created this little tool to help myself (and hopefully others) learn French while doing breaks from computer work to avoid RSI. It’s a WorkRave replacement of sorts but I didn’t put any effort to lock you out from the PC – you really have to cooperate – it’s for […]