You wouldn’t believe me if I told you right away why I wrote easymount… or maybe you would if Gentoo was your preferred Linux distribution. Anyway, if you are tech-savvy enough you probably know that device management in Linux has gone a long road since devfs and hotplug. Through udev + DBUS + HAL, back to udev only and then those standalone packages interfacing with udev and exposing API via DBUS for managing subgroups of hardware, e.g. udisks/upower for managing disks/power respectively. What’s the problem with that? The other software of course which depends on certain solutions for managing hardware, e.g. KDE 3.5.x which is not maintained any more and relies on deprecated HAL to handle drive hot-plugging. When I was faced yesterday with a humongous list of necessary updates to install udisks and tinymount and get my hot-plugging rolling again, I gave up and decided to quickly write my own application, talking directly to udev to handle the situation. Here goes easymount. It lists and monitors all partitions via udev and offers mounting/unmounting using pmount. Notifications are presented in a balloon pop-up over the tray icon and the actions are selected from that icon’s context menu. That’s it. The EASIEST mount manager ever. Qt-based. Download. Extract. qmake. make. Run. Enjoy. Happy Easter!

DOWNLOAD: easymount.tar.gz


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