Barebone Home for Android

Are you fed up with all those fancy launchers for Android? Or do you have an HTC G1 device that can’t handle them with reasonable performance? 😉 Either way, you’re lucky because I’ve recently created a Barebone Launcher/Home Screen implementation. It’s lightweight and practical – it let’s one filter applications using first letter of their name and then select the one to be launched from a regular List View. Certainly nothing fancy about that 🙂 At first I didn’t tuck in the wallpaper support but it looked way too raw without one so here it is. It works flawlessly with both screen orientations (features proper handling of rotations in onConfigurationChanged()) and well… it needs just about 3.5MB of RAM and switching to/from it is really fast. I hope you like it, in either case let me know what you think 😉

DOWNLOAD (rename *.zip to *.apk):


  • Hey man,
    Really nice idea you got here. Helpful for many people with low RAM devices.
    I do however have a suggestion that would improve the usability of this app a lot.
    How about adding a new option before the All option for Most used apps? That would help a lot.

  • good idea, i had something else in mind though – favorite applications (i.e. manually selected instead of based on usage statistics). i will upload new version tomorrow.

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