Sloth Keyboard

In case the new Gboard (Google Keyboard) has too many bells and whistles for your taste I might have something just right for you. The “Sloth Keyboard” (after the easter-egg sloth hiding under the Space key) is a lightweight alternative featuring a look almost identical to Gboard a few versions earlier. There is no dictionary, no auto-correction, in fact there is nothing auto. There isn’t even a configuration. Everything is hardcoded so that it offers a clean and predictable behavior for the professional user (a.k.a. myself 😉 ). You will have to judge yourself if this is your cup of tea. It is not very often that I release anything for Android so I hope this post (probably last before vacations) was at least an interesting read 😉 Have a nice summer!

DOWNLOAD: Sloth Keyboard on Play Store.


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