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Truncated Octahedron

Truncated Octahedron

One of the space-filling polyhedra, the truncated octahedron, in addition to its capacity to… well… fill space without gaps, boasts as well some really pleasing looks and plenty of interesting properties. Today’s post presents a simple script for Unity 3D which allows to create a truncated octahedron in that environment […]



The Xtellis Team (part of ADARED) is proud to announce that Xtellis is now available on the App Store! We would like to thank everybody who contributed to making this possible! You can finally order your copy of Xtellis and experience this epic space western story with elements of fantasy! […]

Unity 3D: Automatic Event Connections a’la Qt

Unity 3D: Automatic Event Connections a’la Qt

You will find a new script in my UnityAssets repository at GitHub. It is called AutoConnector.cs and serves the same purpose as Qt’s auto-connection mechanism for signals and slots. You will find a usage example below. Hope it makes your life easier 🙂 This is probably the last entry on […]

My Personal Hackathon 1-day Holiday Game – X-Mas Challenge 2014 ;)

Best wishes for Christmas 2014 and a Happy New Year 2015. Please, enjoy this little Antichamber-inspired game I crafted in one day to celebrate this special season! Let me know if it was difficult at all 😉 Download for: Mac OS X, Windows All the best!!!

Unity3D Indie (Free) Portal Effect Project Sources

Hello everyone! Due to popular demand finally I’m releasing project sources of the Unity3D Indie Portal Effect. In two words, the technique is based on using multiple cameras (3 in this case) and then selectively drawing just Z-values of the portal gates in the 1st pass so that they leave […]

Unity3D 4 Indie (Free) Portal Effect With No Stencil And No Render To Texture

This effect has been achieved using a smart setup of 4 cameras and custom shaders writing to depth buffer only. Neither stencil buffer not render textures have been used as they are unavailable in the free version of Unity3D. This technique allows also for perfect rendering of mirrors and water […]

Foamy Liquid Shader

A variation of my animated water shader supporting foam around obstacles. Unfortunately I can’t prepare a video, but the foam is fully dynamic, it appears around places with small flow and is subject to flow animation. Attached is the archive with the shader, all necessary textures and a demo scene […]

Sound Manager for Unity3D

Unity3D’s default sound philosophy (2D/3D audio sources with support for directionality, volume, panning, property animations and filters like Reverb, Echo, etc.) is cool but if you want to add some simple sounds to your game really quickly and also: – keep playing music when loading and into new scenes – […]

Animated Water Shader

Due to popular request, I’m posting the source code of my Unity3D Animated Water Shader. It is a complete rewrite of Alzahiel/GraphicRunner’s shader. Brief list of changes: – It’s a surface shader (not Vertex+Fragment) – Doesn’t require script file, all animation is done in the shader using built-in _Time variable […]

Animated normal maps simulating geometry displacement

As promised – application example of Flow Editor‘s new functionality – an animation map. I created a high-poly model of an alien eyeball in Blender and texture-painted it. Then I baked the color map and normal map onto a regular low-poly sphere. After loading the generated color map into Flowed, […]