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QNarrowTreeView – a tree view that will never horizontally overflow a viewport

QNarrowTreeView is a BSD-licensed Qt widget using novel UI to represent tree models without growing horizontally while expanding items. SOURCE CODE: narrow_tree.zip

StanScript – improved JavaScript based on traceur-compiler

Following on my little half-joke Backtick, I actually wanted to improve some things pointed out to me as bad about it and create a bit more professional JS-derivative. This time it’s based on much more solid foundation – the traceur compiler. It’s pretty cleanly divided into parser and code generator […]

Introducing BackTick, a.k.a. StanScript ; ) a Clojure/Scala/Lisp/Python-inspired JavaScript superset

Why `backtick`? Because (almost) all of the syntax extensions were introduced using only one character. Yep, you got it – the backtick ; ) Supported features: – Python-like operator overloading (by defining __iadd__, __eq__, etc. methods in the object or prototype), e.g.: x.__iadd__ = function(y) { this.data += y; }; […]

ScreenScroller – Control any Android device with just one hand

It was bound to happen. A geek left alone for Easter must’ve resulted in a new piece of software 😉

Cross-platform super lightweight one file qsub replacement

Useful for people running their jobs on UNIX clusters, who for some reason need from time to time to launch them on Windows with business logic similar to original qsub command. It works like this: starts an HTTP server which is running 8 worker threads (adjust to the max number […]

WebPong – instant WebSockets-based multiplayer mode

WebPong was supposed to be a multiplayer clone of Pong running on WebSockets and WebGL/BabylonJS library for 3D graphics. As it turned out that pong in real 3D (6 degrees of freedom) isn’t really that much fun, I decided to convert it into a simple ball shooting game with a […]

Numerical string sorting in Clojure

Time for a bit of functional programming nostalgia. As Wikipedia mentions – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collation#Issues_with_numbers and hundreds of posts from interested people all over the Internet confirm – it is sometimes useful to have strings sorted using their numerical components. The simple algorithm below handles this task as it seems most reasonable […]

Dicomymizer – user-friendly DICOM anonymizer / hierarchy builder

Another fruit of my unholy union with Laboratoire de Recherche en Neuroimagerie. A forgotten one actually, as it is a piece of software I wrote about a year ago. The classical problem of creating hierarchy of DICOM files (e.g. PatientName/StudyDate/ProtocolName/SeriesNumber – my favorite 😉 ) and possibly anonymizing them on […]

xdir.m – more powerful rdir.m

It offers the same syntax as rdir.m but differs in two major ways: 1) performs processing on pathnames from a list 2) supports relative paths in the wildcard expression To demonstrate what the above means in practical terms, assume that you have the following hierarchy: For some reason you already […]

Yet another Maybe monad for Java

A better one of course – based on cglib’s Enhancer functionality. I wanted to extract some optional elements from an XML file and (if present) assign their contents to fields of my class. In the beginning I started by using try-catch but it soon became unmanageable (and painful to look […]