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Monkey Dodge – Attempt at my own Flow Map

So this is how I attempted to create my own flowmap: 1) Took a screenshot of the scene from above: 2) Using GIMP, performed edge detection using Sobel size 3 filter 3) Performed Dilation 3 times. 4) Performed Brightness/Contrast adjustment, setting Brightness to 126, contrast to 127 5) I loaded […]

Monkey Dodge – Adding bits of realism

I’m trying to add bits and pieces of modern rendering techniques which are supposed to make a game look more realistic. With moderate success so far… stuff used: Flow maps, Fur and Blur. Try to spot them in the picture 😉

Unity 3D Indie Realtime Water Reflection

Using the following two-pass shader I was able to get realtime water reflections in Indie/Free Edition of Unity 3D: The shader was based on some other shader demonstrating light computations in Unity3D. I added the second pass, made a mirror reflection of geometry against water and switched face culling to […]

Monkey Dodge in Unity

After doing basics in Blender, my original plan was to teach my student how to port those games to GameKit and have them running on iOS and Android and earn some bucks, but in the end I’ve figured that it’s not reasonable to stick to open source tools. Unity3D is […]

Monkey Dodge 2012.2

Here is how we’re progressing with my Blender teachings ;] As you can see, my student should now be able to create pleasingly looking scenes with some visually appealing details instead of just plain geometry. Some of the techniques involved: texture animation, normal textures, armature, IPO curves, skybox. Download: monkey_dodge1.zip […]

Monkey Dodge

I’ve been giving lessons in Blender recently. This is just a trivial little game I’ve created for my student to show him several concepts – dynamic shadows, object properties, texture coordinates animation, etc. You can play it for a couple of minutes if you’d like: monkey_dodge.zip 😉