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Fast Discrete Approximation of Natural Neighbor Interpolation in 3D

Fast Discrete Approximation of Natural Neighbor Interpolation in 3D

Natural Neighbor is an interpolation scheme suitable for scattered data. It is based on weighted average approach and uses Voronoi diagram to determine relative contribution of given data points. Weights are defined as ratio of area “stolen” from known data points in the diagram by adding an interpolated data point […]

QNarrowTreeView – a tree view that will never horizontally overflow a viewport

QNarrowTreeView is a BSD-licensed Qt widget using novel UI to represent tree models without growing horizontally while expanding items. SOURCE CODE: narrow_tree.zip

Massacre 3D Release 2012.12

Massacre 3D is the first 3D game I’ve created. It was over 11 years ago – I was 17 and I knew nothing about programming. Really! I didn’t even know what the heck .h files were for in C++ 😉 I was placing both functions and variables in them and […]

Efficient CSV Reader for MATLAB

This CSV reader will provide you with uncompromised performance. Thanks to the power of MEX compiler, for the first time in history you can load _HUGE_ CSV files into MATLAB in seconds. Enjoy! Usage: The attached archive contains compiled MEXW64 version. For other OS/architecture you need to: DOWNLOAD: swallow_csv.zip

Large Table Viewer

Every now and then you have to deal with tabular data files that are larger than average. I, for one, occasionally have to deal with CSV files as large as 500MB – 1GB each (e.g. 10000 rows, 30000 columns). If you already had the doubtful pleasure of using Excel to […]


Slightly off-topic with regard to recent posts, I’ve found an old piece of code which I figured could be published. It’s image slicing utility. Load an image, draw regions using LMB + drag, name and/or remove regions using double-click, export slices using menu or toolbar. A very straightforward tool, replacement […]

mat_joy – MATLAB Interface for Joysticks

Admittedly, it already exists – http://code.google.com/p/prok-screen/ but its awkward way of doing things (exposing functions using ActiveX server) was a bit of overkill for our needs. Hence, this stripped down, pure MEX version. Enjoy. Usage: [position, buttons] = mat_joy(joystick_id), where: joystick_id – joystick identifier (0-15), position – list of joystick […]

Faster dot product for SVM

If you’ve ever used SVM for classification of 3D images, you’re probably a big fan of the kernel trick as it improves SVM performance significantly when working with such huge sets of features. I’m working in neuroscience at the moment and I think it’s fair to say that using SVM […]

Lindenberg's watershed-based blob detection for MATLAB

Just something I needed recently and haven’t found any existing standalone implementation. Algorithm description can be found on Wikipedia. Usage is quite simple:         % Where I is 1-, 2- or 3-dimensional image [~, index] = sort(reshape(I, numel(I), 1), 1, ‘descend’); blobs = ls_blob_detect(I, index);


Has it ever happened to you to be working on a system where you’re not completely in control (i.e. non-root)? Well, it happened to me more than once and quite recently I had to mount a UnionFS on such system – without any special privileges or cooperation from the system […]