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dssi: diced same size interpolation of volumes

dssi: diced same size interpolation of volumes

Linear interpolation is probably one of the most proliferated data processing algorithms in the world. From simple drawing of a straight line, through rescaling of images and last but not least performing affine transformations of volumetric data – all of these can be accomplished by some implementation of linear interpolation. […]

Export Meshes from Mandelbulber

Export Meshes from Mandelbulber

I’m happy to update this announcement about my little contribution to the open source Mandelbulber project. Earlier this week I’ve added to it a Mesh Export capability using Marching Cubes algorithm. To this end I’ve helped myself with the very clean and easy to use PyMCubes implementation. The rest was […]

Fast Discrete Approximation of Natural Neighbor Interpolation in 3D

Fast Discrete Approximation of Natural Neighbor Interpolation in 3D

Natural Neighbor is an interpolation scheme suitable for scattered data. It is based on weighted average approach and uses Voronoi diagram to determine relative contribution of given data points. Weights are defined as ratio of area “stolen” from known data points in the diagram by adding an interpolated data point […]

My Personal Hackathon 1-day Holiday Game – X-Mas Challenge 2014 ;)

Best wishes for Christmas 2014 and a Happy New Year 2015. Please, enjoy this little Antichamber-inspired game I crafted in one day to celebrate this special season! Let me know if it was difficult at all 😉 Download for: Mac OS X, Windows All the best!!!

SEC2J – journalling for HDF5

I’ve been rather quiet lately but that’s only because I’m working on tons of interestng stuff : ) Here’s something cool for managing issues with corrupt HDF5 files (e.g. 1, 2). It’s still a work in progress and not fully tested but it’s basically an implementation of journalling for the […]

Mynodbcsv: Lightweight Zero-Config Database Solution for Handling Very Large CSV Files

This is definitely something out of the ordinary. My paper about efficient zero-config database software for large CSV files got published in the PLOS ONE journal. You can find all the details in the paper itself: http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0103319 I’m happy 🙂

QNarrowTreeView – a tree view that will never horizontally overflow a viewport

QNarrowTreeView is a BSD-licensed Qt widget using novel UI to represent tree models without growing horizontally while expanding items. SOURCE CODE: narrow_tree.zip

Leap Motion SDK has arrived

I’ve been waiting long weeks but finally it happened. Today I received my free Leap Motion SDK device. I don’t have any videos yet but here I can show you a piece of code that I wrote for emulating mouse using Leap Motion. It’s ugly and stupid but I was […]

Nifti Review Tool

Nifti Review Tool can be used to prepare thumbnail previews of large numbers of Nifti files. It is aiming to provide some control over the quality of your preprocessing stages as well as prepare figures for the papers. Usage consists of generating a review, then loading it into the GUI, […]

Brain Connectivity Viewer

There’s plenty of medical image format viewers and brain viewers in particular, however there seemed to be a niche for a small, efficient brain connectivity viewer having all the necessary features for comprehensive and appealing presentation of dynamic causal modelling results, resting-state connectivity or statistical longitudinal coupling (novel work by […]