Mynodbcsv: Lightweight Zero-Config Database Solution for Handling Very Large CSV Files

This is definitely something out of the ordinary. My paper about efficient zero-config database software for large CSV files got published in the PLOS ONE journal. You can find all the details in the paper itself:

I’m happy 🙂


  • Hi Stanislaw, is the source code available for MyNoDBCSV? I downloaded the zip from the site in your paper but it seems to be a compiled version for Windows. Thanks!

  • Hello, I am trying to create a solution like yours as a challenge. Is your code still closed or could I have a look at it.
    For now I am trying to create a simple C insitu parser with no memory allocation that return some lines structures with records pointing to the fields in the csv file. But as a C noob my code is far from perfect.
    I have not intent to implant an sql fetching mode, I am just triying to iterate on my array of lines after the parsing of the file.
    Am I on the right track ?. Could you help me to achieve my simple parser or send me a link to your source code (it’s for my personal use only)

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