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Unity3D 4 Indie (Free) Portal Effect With No Stencil And No Render To Texture

This effect has been achieved using a smart setup of 4 cameras and custom shaders writing to depth buffer only. Neither stencil buffer not render textures have been used as they are unavailable in the free version of Unity3D. This technique allows also for perfect rendering of mirrors and water […]

Animated Water Shader

Due to popular request, I’m posting the source code of my Unity3D Animated Water Shader. It is a complete rewrite of Alzahiel/GraphicRunner’s shader. Brief list of changes: – It’s a surface shader (not Vertex+Fragment) – Doesn’t require script file, all animation is done in the shader using built-in _Time variable […]

Flow Field Editor Still Alive

I’ve come up with some new ideas for what seemed a completed tool. This release of FFE (“Flow Field” Editor) has changed significantly, so I will describe it from scratch. Introduction What FFE now produces is in general an image. It can be created from: flow field points, color points, […]

Another Flow Field Editor Update

Probably final this time 😉 I was trying to find a compromise between speed and quality and came up with an idea of triangle-based cubic interpolation. Fortunately it turned out that such beast already existed – http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/akima/. It’s several times faster than Natural Neighbour and gives better results than Linear […]

Flow Shader Fix / Flow Editor

So first of all, I’ve fixed a little bug in the water flow shader which basically inverted one of the texture coordinates and made all of the flow animations look weird or just wrong. This is how the flow map from my last tutorial looks in action now: And it’s […]

Monkey Dodge – Attempt at my own Flow Map

So this is how I attempted to create my own flowmap: 1) Took a screenshot of the scene from above: 2) Using GIMP, performed edge detection using Sobel size 3 filter 3) Performed Dilation 3 times. 4) Performed Brightness/Contrast adjustment, setting Brightness to 126, contrast to 127 5) I loaded […]

Unity 3D Indie Realtime Water Reflection

Using the following two-pass shader I was able to get realtime water reflections in Indie/Free Edition of Unity 3D: The shader was based on some other shader demonstrating light computations in Unity3D. I added the second pass, made a mirror reflection of geometry against water and switched face culling to […]