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Yet another simple command line task manager

Yet another simple command line task manager

Sitting in a single stand-alone Python file named “t” you will find a very basic command line task manager. Just download it anywhere (e.g. to your project diretory) and make it executable. You can also add it to the system path. Depending on the location you can call it as […]

Fakescreen (screen manager without the need for terminal devices, works with nodev)

As part of the effort to make my server more secure I’m moving most of my activities to separate chroot() jails. It’s going to become part of several bigger changes this year. I encountered a little issue though with software which I usually run using the screen command. As you […]

SpotCmd – launching Terminal commands from Mac OS X Spotlight

If you craved for launching Terminal commands from your Spotlight search window, today is your lucky day. I also had that wish and dedicated my whole Sunday to master the arcanes of mach_inject, taskgated, self-signed certificates, Hopper disassembler, class-dump, security add-trusted-cert, macinstallerapp, etc. etc. in order to deliver you this […]