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File Origin Tracker (for SPM)

If you’re annoyed by having to memorize the meaning and origin of all those thousands of files that you generate every day with SPM, I’ve got something for you. A file origin tracker that will record the checksums of all the Nifti files created by SPM, along with their origins […]


This script loads selected SPM batch, tries to intelligently guess which fields are potential candidates for “parallel splits” and after interactively asking for confirmation: splits your batch into multiple .mat, .m and .sh files (placing them in the same directory as the original batch) – the latter being ready for […]

Brain Connectivity Viewer

There’s plenty of medical image format viewers and brain viewers in particular, however there seemed to be a niche for a small, efficient brain connectivity viewer having all the necessary features for comprehensive and appealing presentation of dynamic causal modelling results, resting-state connectivity or statistical longitudinal coupling (novel work by […]

Save SPM8 results with anatomical labels

Hi there! This little script saves cluster-level SPM results along with anatomical labels to spm_results_with_anat.txt file in the current directory. Results are appended to the file, so that you can run it repeatedly for different contrasts. It requires SPM8. Included are AAL atlas files: aal_MNI_V4.nii, aal_MNI_V4.txt and atlas to anatomical […]

Partial replacement for MATLAB's Image Processing Toolbox

I recently needed to replace the following functions from MATLAB’s Image Processing Toolbox: bwareaopen(), bwconncomp(), colfilt(), im2bw(), imclose(), imdilate(), imerode(), imfilter(), imopen() in order to remove it as a dependency of one of the new SPM toolboxes I’ve been working on. If you happen to be in a similar situation […]