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Unity 3D: Automatic Event Connections a’la Qt

Unity 3D: Automatic Event Connections a’la Qt

You will find a new script in my UnityAssets repository at GitHub. It is called AutoConnector.cs and serves the same purpose as Qt’s auto-connection mechanism for signals and slots. You will find a usage example below. Hope it makes your life easier 🙂 This is probably the last entry on […]

QBoundMethod Part 2

Today, I’d like to discuss the implementation of QBoundMethod in every detail. The core of all functionality is placed in QBoundMethod::construct() method. It is responsible for creating a copy of generic arguments provided as its parameters. For every QGenericArgument, a QVariant holding copy of the original data is created and […]


Bound method is usually defined as class method associated with an object (instance of the class). But what if we could extend this term a bit and bind methods not only to objects but to an arbitrary number of arguments as well? Let’s assume that if we have a method […]