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Unity3D Indie (Free) Portal Effect Project Sources

Hello everyone! Due to popular demand finally I’m releasing project sources of the Unity3D Indie Portal Effect. In two words, the technique is based on using multiple cameras (3 in this case) and then selectively drawing just Z-values of the portal gates in the 1st pass so that they leave […]

Unity3D 4 Indie (Free) Portal Effect With No Stencil And No Render To Texture

This effect has been achieved using a smart setup of 4 cameras and custom shaders writing to depth buffer only. Neither stencil buffer not render textures have been used as they are unavailable in the free version of Unity3D. This technique allows also for perfect rendering of mirrors and water […]

Foamy Liquid Shader

A variation of my animated water shader supporting foam around obstacles. Unfortunately I can’t prepare a video, but the foam is fully dynamic, it appears around places with small flow and is subject to flow animation. Attached is the archive with the shader, all necessary textures and a demo scene […]

Unity 3D Indie Realtime Water Reflection

Using the following two-pass shader I was able to get realtime water reflections in Indie/Free Edition of Unity 3D: The shader was based on some other shader demonstrating light computations in Unity3D. I added the second pass, made a mirror reflection of geometry against water and switched face culling to […]