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credfs – Protect your plaintext credentials

As promised here comes the distribution of credfs source code. To use it, just unpack it somewhere, cd to the credfs directory, run ./wizard.sh and follow the instructions. You will need FUSE, libcryptopp and libarchive in your system and specify appropriate include/library directives in the Makefile. The one that comes […]

Software Fixes for OS X Mavericks

Just as the title says, OS X Mavericks managed to break my recent Mac software hacks – MacSuspendProcesses and SpotCmd. Here goes the update for the former working with OS X Mavericks (one caveat: it doesn’t work on the Energy tab in Activity Monitor, use CPU/Memory/Disk or Network tabs please). […]

PPRacer 0.3.1 for Mac

This story is really short, it wasn’t there readily available and since it’s such a great game I thought I would create this nice easy to use package. Thanks MacPorts for providing the dependencies. Note: If you change resolution you have to restart the game because for whatever reason fonts […]

SpotCmd – launching Terminal commands from Mac OS X Spotlight

If you craved for launching Terminal commands from your Spotlight search window, today is your lucky day. I also had that wish and dedicated my whole Sunday to master the arcanes of mach_inject, taskgated, self-signed certificates, Hopper disassembler, class-dump, security add-trusted-cert, macinstallerapp, etc. etc. in order to deliver you this […]

Extending Mac Activity Monitor with Process Suspend/Resume

I recently bought myself a MacBook Air. It’s my first Apple product ever, although I’ve been messing with their software before using PearPC and Hackintosh kinds of setups. Anyway, MBA as you know has an absolutely outstanding battery lifetime. Even without taking care about what and how you’re running you […]