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NMRate – Browser-based Medical Image Rating System

NMRate – Browser-based Medical Image Rating System

A special order from friends at LREN prompted me to prepare this streamlined version (in fact – a rewrite) of an old tool – crowdseg. crowdseg was never publicly released but was used as part of the works on the following paper: Lorio, S., Fresard, S., Adaszewski, S., Kherif, F., […]

StanScript – improved JavaScript based on traceur-compiler

Following on my little half-joke Backtick, I actually wanted to improve some things pointed out to me as bad about it and create a bit more professional JS-derivative. This time it’s based on much more solid foundation – the traceur compiler. It’s pretty cleanly divided into parser and code generator […]

Introducing BackTick, a.k.a. StanScript ; ) a Clojure/Scala/Lisp/Python-inspired JavaScript superset

Why `backtick`? Because (almost) all of the syntax extensions were introduced using only one character. Yep, you got it – the backtick ; ) Supported features: – Python-like operator overloading (by defining __iadd__, __eq__, etc. methods in the object or prototype), e.g.: x.__iadd__ = function(y) { this.data += y; }; […]

TextTexture – rendering text in WebGL

Always wanted to paint nice text in WebGL but didn’t know how? 😉 Today’s your lucky day as I’m releasing this little snippet for creating “text textures” and then drawing them using custom shaders. The trick behind efficient usage of texture space here is using three separate color channels to […]