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StanScript – improved JavaScript based on traceur-compiler

Following on my little half-joke Backtick, I actually wanted to improve some things pointed out to me as bad about it and create a bit more professional JS-derivative. This time it’s based on much more solid foundation – the traceur compiler. It’s pretty cleanly divided into parser and code generator […]

File Origin Tracker (for SPM)

If you’re annoyed by having to memorize the meaning and origin of all those thousands of files that you generate every day with SPM, I’ve got something for you. A file origin tracker that will record the checksums of all the Nifti files created by SPM, along with their origins […]

xdir.m – more powerful rdir.m

It offers the same syntax as rdir.m but differs in two major ways: 1) performs processing on pathnames from a list 2) supports relative paths in the wildcard expression To demonstrate what the above means in practical terms, assume that you have the following hierarchy: For some reason you already […]

Brain Connectivity Viewer

There’s plenty of medical image format viewers and brain viewers in particular, however there seemed to be a niche for a small, efficient brain connectivity viewer having all the necessary features for comprehensive and appealing presentation of dynamic causal modelling results, resting-state connectivity or statistical longitudinal coupling (novel work by […]

Efficient CSV Reader for MATLAB

This CSV reader will provide you with uncompromised performance. Thanks to the power of MEX compiler, for the first time in history you can load _HUGE_ CSV files into MATLAB in seconds. Enjoy! Usage: The attached archive contains compiled MEXW64 version. For other OS/architecture you need to: DOWNLOAD: swallow_csv.zip

Large Table Viewer

Every now and then you have to deal with tabular data files that are larger than average. I, for one, occasionally have to deal with CSV files as large as 500MB – 1GB each (e.g. 10000 rows, 30000 columns). If you already had the doubtful pleasure of using Excel to […]

Sound Manager for Unity3D

Unity3D’s default sound philosophy (2D/3D audio sources with support for directionality, volume, panning, property animations and filters like Reverb, Echo, etc.) is cool but if you want to add some simple sounds to your game really quickly and also: – keep playing music when loading and into new scenes – […]

Barebone Home v4

Added Favorites functionality. Download: eu.algoholic.barebonehome.zip (rename .zip to .apk)


At first I couldn’t believe that such tool wasn’t readily available because I’ve seen dozens of posts on different forums asking how to do this, however… I guess nobody felt urged enough to actually write a command line app for this. Well, I did 😉 startwithmemlimit is a Win32 application, […]


Recent locations dialog is an improved version of standard open/save file dialog. It features lists of 100 most recently accessed folders and files for easier navigation among commonly used resources. Double-clicking on a folder item or selecting an item from the folders list and clicking Browse button below launches a […]