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explore_matlab_path: Tree-based MATLAB source code browser

In my opinion MATLAB is rather lacking when it comes to modern software development. One of the things which always pissed me off is the absence of proper code hierarchy browser. Sure – there is current directory window but it displays everything, not only source code files and doesn’t provide […]

matpy – call Python from MATLAB

Hello everyone! If you ever wanted to call Python from MATLAB, here goes something for you. Today I’d like to present matpy – a MATLAB extension for accessing Python. It is more or less an equivalent to pymat but the other way around. At the moment it’s for sure more […]

Lindenberg's watershed-based blob detection for MATLAB

Just something I needed recently and haven’t found any existing standalone implementation. Algorithm description can be found on Wikipedia. Usage is quite simple:         % Where I is 1-, 2- or 3-dimensional image [~, index] = sort(reshape(I, numel(I), 1), 1, ‘descend’); blobs = ls_blob_detect(I, index);