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My Personal Hackathon 1-day Holiday Game – X-Mas Challenge 2014 ;)

Best wishes for Christmas 2014 and a Happy New Year 2015. Please, enjoy this little Antichamber-inspired game I crafted in one day to celebrate this special season! Let me know if it was difficult at all 😉 Download for: Mac OS X, Windows All the best!!!

Animated normal maps simulating geometry displacement

As promised – application example of Flow Editor‘s new functionality – an animation map. I created a high-poly model of an alien eyeball in Blender and texture-painted it. Then I baked the color map and normal map onto a regular low-poly sphere. After loading the generated color map into Flowed, […]

Project Euler #311

Yay! It’s finally getting hard again! The thrill of many hours of computing and being uncertain whether the result will be correct to the last digit… I love it ;D Now I have to figure out the _correct_ (i.e. non semi-brute-force with smart-ass pruning and nifty little optimizations) method of […]

Project Euler #309

Oh… GOD! This time I was SO close, soooo close :/ Precision issues played tricks on me again. Long double just doesn’t seem to be good enough with PE problems most of the time. Anyway, crossed ladders problem is a classic (a very fascinating classic nonetheless) and you will figure […]