Union Loose Parts

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 17.07.24 In Blender, having greebles consisting of multiple loose parts can pose a problem when trying to warp them into shape of an arbitrary surface using modifiers such as Curve, Lattice or ShrinkWrap. The result pictured in the back of the scene above shows how loose parts tend to detach from the surface and the final output completely misses the artist’s intent. One solution that I came up with in my projects is to separate the loose parts into individual objects and then merge them together using Boolean Union operator. The addon union_loose_parts.py which you will find in the following repository: https://github.com/sadaszewski/blender-addons does just that and throws triangulation on top of it all. What you’ll usually need to do is apply simple (or Catmull-Clark) surface subdivision and you’ll be in good shape to do the warping. The mesh in front of the scene above illustrates output of such a workflow. Enjoy!

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  • Hi sorry I’m a bit of a beginner. Once I’ve installed the add on, where to I find and use it? Sorry for the basic question. Thanks!

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