We are free from external domain dependencies

Good news for all ADARED guests – you are no longer subject to tracking by Google Analytics when visiting our website. We also got rid of the Google reCAPTCHA dependency, falling back to simpler Math Captcha. Finally, I’ve also deactivated emoji conversions in WordPress, so you will no longer fetch anything from s.w.org. When visiting ADARED you are indeed visiting adared.ch, not google.com, doubleclick.net, s.w.org, jquery.com etc. which was the case so far with the poor design of WordPress plugins. In the light of (mitigated or not) Speculative Execution vulnerabilities which can be exploited via JavaScript and also the obvious referrer tracking we recommend everyone to stop linking to critical resources in external domains. This means particularly JavaScript. If from now on I can live with simple but great GoAccess realtime log analyzer which works straight from the command prompt, I’m sure that so can you 🙂 . Good luck!

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