ThinGit Update – much improved performance

Hi there! I’ve prepared a new version of ThinGit with drastically improved performance this time (thanks to more intelligent changes detection and push/pull behavior) and a fix for mishandled delete/modify conflict. Enjoy!

As a sidenote: if ThinGit is starting to consume too much RAM on your machine (classic behavior for Java apps) you can run it with -Xmx64m or even -Xmx32m switch. It doesn’t need any more memory – it’s just greedy Java that doesn’t want to run its lazy garbage collector.

DOWNLOAD: ThinGit Update 2012/05/24


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your work on this. Seems like a useful project, and I like the “thinness” of it.

    When I run on windows 7, I notice that my local changes don’t get pushed, and remote changes don’t get pulled. Is the sync run on a timer? Are you using some sort of fs watcher to kick off the pushes? Any chance I can get a peek at the source to figure these questions out for myself? 🙂

    • Hi! No it isn’t timer-based, neither do I use FS watcher. Each repo’s synchronization is running in a separate Thread, which does its job and then goes to (interruptible) sleep for a predefined period (well… maybe you could think of it as a timer but in fact it’s just telling the thread scheduler to keep a thread sleeping – not a classical Timer as I understand it). I’m using it on Windows 7 every day and it works. Maybe this is a stupid question but are you sure 1) you have defined synchronization period (in milliseconds) and 2) you’ve started the synchronization? 😉

      As to the source code. I was planning to publish it some time soon, not really sure when. Have to give some thought to this project.

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