NMRate – Medical Image Rating System

Let your experts rate multiple modalities in parallel in a blazingly fast and user-friendly browser-based interface.

A special order from friends at LREN prompted me to prepare this streamlined version (in fact – a rewrite) of an old tool – crowdseg. crowdseg was never publicly released but was used as part of the works on the following paper:

Lorio, S., Fresard, S., Adaszewski, S., Kherif, F., Chowdhury, R., Frackowiak, R. S., … & Draganski, B. (2016). New tissue priors for improved automated classification of subcortical brain structures on MRI. NeuroImage, 130, 157-166.

NMRate is a simplified version which should be lighter, faster, prettier and easier to modify and maintain. Therefore I have decided to release it under the GPLv3 license and take it under the umbrella of projects supported by ADARED. I will henceforth provide to the interested parties: consulting, administration and development services of this tool with an attractive pricing scheme. Please drop us a line if you would like to know more.

NMRate is currently focused on expert ratings of medical images but can be easily extended to offer browser-based medical image processing and analysis of any sort. Watch the tutorial below to get an idea of its capabilities and performance. It seems like X-mas is particularly rich this year with NMRate being already a second gift to the public. Enjoy! 🙂

DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/sadaszewski/nmrate

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