Alzfighter – Fancy 3D Slide Transitions In Unity

Imagine a themed scene with presentation slides distributed all over it. Transitions from one slide to the next happen as fly-through animations. If this kind of effect appeals to your sense of good taste, I have something for you. Originally I used this little presentation tool codenamed Alzfighter at our lab’s retreat session in June 2013. Back then it featured only the neural network theme.

Later I’ve added one more – a DNA-themed scene. Those little pieces of DNA were generated using a customized version of v-baum to support coloring and PLY export.

The way it handles your presentation is you export your PowerPoint slides as PNGs to the Slides/ subfolder in the folder containing alzfighter.exe file. Slides are then loaded and presented in alphabetical order. One uses Space/Backspace to navigate. Additionaly, the Slides/ subfolder can contain a config.txt file with name of the themed scene to be used (either BrainPresent or DnaPresent). Enjoy!


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