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NMRate – Browser-based Medical Image Rating System

NMRate – Browser-based Medical Image Rating System

A special order from friends at LREN prompted me to prepare this streamlined version (in fact – a rewrite) of an old tool – crowdseg. crowdseg was never publicly released but was used as part of the works on the following paper: Lorio, S., Fresard, S., Adaszewski, S., Kherif, F., […]


Just by looking at my blog entries, one can easily tell that Web development isn’t my main activity, however I do it from time to time, when I see a need (or a business niche) 😉 This time I would like to present you a purely client-side HTML5-based Nifti file […]

Dicomymizer – user-friendly DICOM anonymizer / hierarchy builder

Another fruit of my unholy union with Laboratoire de Recherche en Neuroimagerie. A forgotten one actually, as it is a piece of software I wrote about a year ago. The classical problem of creating hierarchy of DICOM files (e.g. PatientName/StudyDate/ProtocolName/SeriesNumber – my favorite 😉 ) and possibly anonymizing them on […]